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Hi there! Thanks for Stopping by, this is my Anime page





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Anime - (or sometimes referred to as Japanimations) - Japanese Cartoons

Fanfics - Story written by a Fan (FANatic FICtion)

Fan Service- Scenes in Anime Shows that does nothing to furthur Story/Plot but are included for the Viewers Visual Enjoyment

Manga -  Japanese Comics

OAV -  (same as OVA) Original Animation Videos: Shows that are release straight to Videos instead of being release in Movie Theaters or Televison

Otaku - Anime Fanatics

OVA - (same as OAV) Original Video Animation: Shows that are release straight to Videos instead of being release in Movie Theaters or Televison

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Fun/Interesting Anime Links:'s Otaku Test  's Otaku Record




Anime Timeline

Anime-Vision This is my friend Ivan's Webpage

Ranma 1/2 Cast - Great site that contains information about the cast of Ranma 1/2 and information about the shows

Ranma 1/2 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Self-Insert Graphics

What are Self-insert Graphics you ask? well, have you heard of a Self-Insert Fanfics? where an fanfic writer would write him/herself into the storyline? well, one night, i was bored and since i can't write fanfics, but I can edit graphics, for fun,  I decided to insert/replace my pictures into my favorite graphics.  Let me know what you think. (please keep in mind, I did this only for fun ^_^;)

Click on the thumbnails to see the full size images

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My Favorite Anime Series are:

- Agent Aika - 4 episodes, it has a LOT of Fan Service (panty shots ;P)

The Aika Homepage

- DragonBall

Dragonball Gateway

Dragonball Z Planet

Dragonball Z Specialty Store

Great Saiyaman

Official Dragonball Z Site

Saiyaman'z Rage

- Fushigi Yuigi

- El Hazard - 26 TV episodes

- GoldenBoy - 12 episodes

- Gunsmith Cats

- Hand Maid May

- Inu Yasha

- Irresponsible Captain Taylor - 26 Episodes

- Lum (Urusei Yatsura) - 76 TV Episodes released in US, 12 OAVs, 6 Movies

- Maison Ikkoku - 96 TV Episodes, 2 OAV, a Movie? (not sure if there was a movie made)

Maison Ikkoku Home page

- Neon Genesis Evangelion - 26 TV Episodes

The Toad-Stone Eva Anime

- Oh! My Goddess - 6 OAV Episodes

- Pokemon


Pokemon specialty Store

Psychic Pokemon Connection

Team Rocket's Homepage

Team Rockets Glorious hole in the Wall

- Ranma 1/2 - 1?? TV Episodes, 12 OAV, 2 movies

Anti-Akane Page

Anti-Akane Tendo WebRing

Davis's Ranma Pages

Shampoo Resource Center

WeHateAkaneUnanimous Homepage

- Sailor Moon - 82 episodes release in US T.V. (so far)

Castle in the Sky Sailor Moon 

Sailor Moon specialty Store

- Tenchi Muyo - (OAV, Movies, Tenchi Universe TV series, Tenchi in Tokyo TV Series, Pretty Sammy, Magical Project S)

Jurai's Royal Court on Earth

- Urusei Yatsura - (195 TV. Episodes, 9 OAV, 6 movies)

Urusei Yatsura webpage

- You're Under Arrest! - 4 TV Episodes



U.S. Distributors of Japanimations

- ADVison


- Anime Expo

- Central Park Media


- Pioneer Entertainment

- Peter Payne Home Page



Japanimations Online Magazines




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Links to sites that has Anime Graphics:

- ***


- Anime Image Archives






- Jirodon Homepage 

- Naughty Linx

- NightShift Midnight operations

- Page which contains links to Japanese CG Sites   

- Pokemon Picture Archive 

- Ranma 1/2 Hentai Gallery

- Stang's Ranma 1/2 Hentai Gallery


- T.M.E. Homepage




Links to sites that has Graphics:

- ***



Links to my other Webpages


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