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AngCobra's Personal Bio



This page is to introduce myself to you.  I am seeking a woman to be a friend, companion and if things work out, a partner.

My Handle is AngCobra and I am a 37 year old Asian Male.

My Background:

Born and raised in California and share 2 cultures, both American and Chinese. I believe I have taken the best of both and feel that I am a well rounded person

I am currently living and working in the San Fernando Valley. Computers are my profession, but my after hours world is filled with many activities.

I am an avid reader, enjoy music (easy listening from the 70's and 80's), martial arts, watching videos and going to the movies.

Friends are an important part of my life. I enjoy meeting people and making new friends.

On the personal level, I am open minded, have a sense of humor and make a great companion. Life is interesting and I'm looking for the right woman to share it with.

I do not smoke, drink or do drugs.  Healthy is better

I am searching for female companionship and if the relationship works out, romance!

I am very open minded and would welcome all replies. Please no smokers, heavy drinkers or drug users.

I will answer all serious replies and who knows what the fates may bring?



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