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Anime Fanfics



Hi there! This is where I keep the links to my Favorite Fanfic sites. 

I just updated the Fanfic links and removed the broken links.  Sorry for the delay in updating this list ^_^;

R.A. Curtis's (Trel) Now has it's Own webpage: To go to Trella's Fanfics Page, Please click 




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Fanfic Archives

Andrew Huang's Fanfics

FFML's Author Encyclopedia and Fic Writing Reference Guide

Otakuk-kako Fanfic links

Ranma Monthly Fanfiction Awards

Ranma 1/2 Fanfic Superhighway

Rec.Art.Anime.Creative Fanfics Archive

TASS Ranma Fanfic Archive


Ranma 1/2

Jim Bader's Fanfics

DB Sommer's Fanfics

A Feather in the Wind Fanfic by Ataru-Kun

A Twist in the Tale Fanfics by Qminster

Alternate Destinys Fanfics

Andrew Eoff's Fanfics

Android 18's Ranma Fanfics

Anything Goes Ranma Fanfics by Kiwi Noriega

Ashfae's Ranma Fanfics

Benares' Fanfics

Blood Blades' Fanfics

Carly-san's Fanfics

CBEAR's Fanfics

Chris Davies's Fanfics

Clarity Fanfics by Allison Barrett

David Tatum's Fanfics

Daigakusei No Ranma - This Series is set after Ranma and Akane had graduated High School and went to University

DNyx Fanfics favorites

Dreamspinner's Fanfics

Disruptor's Fanfics - Mostly SI fics

Dreiser's Fanfics

Donny Cheng's Fanfics - WAFFY (Warm and Fuzzy Feeling) Fics

Equal Romance by Laura Smith

Florencio's Fanfics

Frank Sanchez Ranma Fanfic Library

Gary Kleppe's Fanfics

Getzeye Dragon's Fanfics

Heart of Ice Fanfics

Henry Cobb's Fanfics

Iczer230's Fanfics - 'Ai Shiteru' fanfic series

Jaelle and Orla's Ranma Fanfics

Jeffrey (OneShot) Wong's Fanfics

Jim Bader's Fanfics

Jim Lazar's Fanfics

Jusenkyo Ranma 1/2 Fanfics

KaraOhki's Ranma 1/2 Fanfics

LeeKing Fanfics

Lord Archive's Fanfics

Magical Mysteries Tour Fanfics

Philip Mak Ranma/Ukyo Fanfics

Ranma 2096 Fanfics by Chris Willmore

Remi's Favorite Fanfics

Richard Lawson's Fanfic

Ryan Anderson's Fanfics

Shadow Chronicle Fanfic

Shampoo Resource Center

SolidSnake's Fanfic Links *

Taming of the Horse by Vince Seifert

Tracy Garnett's fanfics

Tom Wrensch's Ranma Fanfics

Ukyo Kounji's Fanfic Archive

Van Donovan's Ranma Fanfics

X-Ile's Fanfics


Neon Genesis Evangelion

Addition Godel Evangelion Fanfic Archive

Asuka's Notebook

Austin Covello's Fanfics

Eva- R Fanfics

Garden of Eva by Jim Lazar

Jusenkyo Evangelion Fanfics

Magi Database Fanfics

Misato's Evangelion Fanfics

Neon Exodus Evengelion

Platypus3333's Eva Fanfics

Rakna's Eva Fanfics

Shunsuke's Fanfics

The Toad-Stone Eva Fanfics


Tenchi Muyo

Jusenkyo Tenchi Muyo Fanfics

Ran-Chan's Fanfics


Oh! My Goddess

Jusenkyo Oh! My Goddess Fanfics

More Angel Fanfics


CrossOver Fanfics

Anime Detective Fanfics

Church of CrossOver Couples Fanfics *

Jusenkyo CrossOver Fanfics *

Mirror Multiplied Fanfics *

Paradise Lost Fanfics *

Ranma/Dragonball Z fusion Fanfics

Quantum Destinies' home at Blood Blades

Quantum Destinies' home at Cursed_One

Quantum Destinies' home at the anime Fanfiction


Lemon Fanfics

Sakura Lemon Fiction Archive

TASS Ranma Lemon Archive

RAAC Ranma Lemon Archive

RAAC Sailor Moon Lemon Archive

Kanomi's Lemon Fanfics

Kunoichi's Fanfics

Megumi's Escort Service Lemon Fanfics

Philip Mak Lemon Fanfics


Lemon Fanfics (Non-Anime)

Grey new stories 


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