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Family Picture Page

Pictures of my family

parent01.jpg (133598 bytes)fxmas03.jpg (154761 bytes)

Above Left: My Mom and Dad

Above right: My Brother Evan (kneeling), my Sister Katy, my Dad, my Nephew Matthew, me and my Brother-in-law Phillip.


Above Left: Me, Phil, Katy, Mathew, Evan and my Dad

Above right: Me, Apple, Matthew, Bruce, Eya, Mabel, Evan, Phil, Katy, Megan, Tess and Martin


cousin1.jpg (117923 bytes)angfam02.jpg (165605 bytes)

Above Left: My Generation of our family (me and my Cousins)

Above Right: My whole Clan. from left to right, front to back: Me, Denis, Jackie, Ronald, Bruce, Evan, Bea, Katy, Jenny, Rebecca, Grandma, Irene, Mila, Phil, Henry, Michael, Kotiu, William, George, Johnny, Christine, Peggy and Apple.   


Above: Me with my Family and Friends.


lcajaky2.jpg (46028 bytes)lcamatt.jpg (55720 bytes)

Above Left: Me with my Niece Jackie.

Above Middle:  Me with my Nephew Matthew

Above Right:  Me with my Nieces, Megan and Mabel

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lcaeya.jpg (101636 bytes)

Above Left:  Me with my Cousin Eya

Above Right:  Martin, Rose, Me and Katy


Jacki01a.jpg (239169 bytes)jacki02a.jpg (175751 bytes)

Above Left and Middle:  My Niece Jackie

Above Right:  My Nephew Matthew


siew01.jpg (136228 bytes)kua.jpg (103708 bytes)

Above Left: My Brother in Law Phil, my nephew Matthew and my Sister Katy

Above Right:  Cousin Jaqueline, Kimma (aunt), Kua (uncle) and my cousin Kenneth


po01.jpg (120492 bytes)

Above:  My Cousin Bruce, Aunty Irene, Uncle George and Cousin Apple



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