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Hi there, This page contains pictures of me

ang1.jpg (25445 bytes)lawtele.jpg (104680 bytes)lang.jpg (27194 bytes)lcat1.jpg (29918 bytes)

If you can read the bottom line on my t-shirt in the above right picture, i will be impressed.


saturn.jpg (111490 bytes)

Above: My Baby (At least till i get a Girlfriend ^_^)


lcabrake.jpg (367165 bytes)lcaanime.jpg (176608 bytes)

Above left: Me breaking Cinder Blocks for my Shodan Test.

Above right: me with Ryoko and Ayeka


lcannon.jpg (64795 bytes)

Above left: Me in a beach in Santa Barbara ( My gun is bigger than your gun ^_^)

Above right: Me playing billiards

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lcamp5-1.jpg (63019 bytes)lcamp5-2.jpg (54171 bytes)

Above: me in Las Vegas firing a Real HK MP5, it was a blast!


lcapai01.jpg (160924 bytes)lcapai11.jpg (98775 bytes)

Above Left: Taken outside Gene's House

Above Right: Me Trying out different outfit configuration (playing dress-up)




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