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Hi there, 

I created this page mainly for my own use, so i won't have to remember any of the urls I use or find useful, but if anybody else can find it useful, so much the better.




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Links to my other Webpages


My Old Webpage

My Friends' Webpages

Adrianne Grady's homepage

Beto's Homepage or try this link Here

Bill's Homepage

Carmina's Webpage

Charles B. Fisher's Sakana-Dan Ryu PageKajukenbo Webpage, Sakana-Dan-Ryu Karate  

Charlotte's Photo Album Charlotte's new webpage

Eric's RPG Gamer Webpage  

Frank's CPA Practice

Ivan's Anime Webpage

Richard's Chevy drag racing Page

Ryan's Webpage

[Visit Maeka]

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Websites pages I maintain

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Weekly Webpages I visit

California Lottery

Diamond Comics Weekly Distribution list list all the bloopers, inconsistencies in Movies, Submit your own observation

Turners Outdoorsman Weekly Sales Webpage

West L.A. Traffic webpage



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A+ Certification


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[Free DeskMates]


Chinese Astrology

MSN Astrology Match Test

MSN Chinese Astrology Match Test

Twilight Zone Chinese Astrology

Learn to read the Tarot



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Banks (online)


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Communicate by Web - Login to your Account


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Computing your Internet Connection Speed











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Dating Webpages

American Singles - 'The System' for Dating 

Ask Indexed List of Articles

MSN Romance Page Guide to Flirting


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Financial Websites

Access your Fidelity 401k plan

Calculate your Life Expectancy

Carpoint Calculate your Car's Value download MSN Money Deluxe

Retirement IQ Test

Retirement Income Calculator

Should you rent or Buy a home?


Find the Best Loan Rate - Online Trading with Low Comission

CNN Financial page (anonymized) - Fantasy Stock market game 

KFWB Business and Financial links

Merrill Lynch webpage (Anonymized)



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Free Web Access's Review of Top 4 Free Internet Access



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Fun Stuff

Computer Fun Features - hehehe! I really like this page! - has a couple of movies you can watch online.

James Axler - Author of Deathland and Outlander Paperback series

Naughty - I liked the free deskmate so much, I paid for the full version! ^_^ (well worth the money) - Full sized Scooters - Full sized Scooters



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Handspring Visor Site - has accessories for PDA's - has hardware and softwares for your Palm-based PDA - Hard cases for your PDAs


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Helpful Reference Websites to Visit Map address Finding page

California State Webpage

California State Law Search

FengShui.htm - Got a math problem? they probably can help for free! - Find your address - Monitors a site for any changes  Life Expectancy Calculator - Check your car's realiability rating - Get the Nutritional values of Fast Food


Bluemountain E-Mail Greeting Card

Create A Free E-Greeting Card

Message Mate Greeting Icons

MSN Greeting Cards



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Interesting Websites to Visit - Find out your chance of surviving a plan trip - Free Game Downloads - Want to find out when you're going to die? check this out, warning, this site may be busy a lot, - Earth and Moon Viewer


Israel Defense Force Offical Webpage


Mack  Life Expectancy Calculator

MSN astrology dream - Games or It's Mirror Site

Salvador Dali - View your home or neighborhood via sattelite

Test your IQ Test

Assasin Games - Download games where you can destroy fads

Download the Millenium Game

Dancing Terminator Baby - Free Deskmates


Download JASC PSP

Download Digital Camera Shutter Timer - Computer Drivers

Giniko-Chan's Anime Toy chest


The Weird Place

Dr - Place to shop for 'earth friendly' items

General Fun Facts about Disneyland


The All-Eyeing Eye Conspiracy Page

The Survivialist Bible

Outdoor Research Gears - Maker of Gore-Tex Clothings

3-day Panic Diet - I haven't tried this one yet but a friend of mind said that it works.

Teletech's Webpages

Operation Clambake


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Internet Security - Surf Anonymously - Internet Connection Security for Windows Users - Internet Privacy and Anonymous Surfing Software - Download Free Firewall (ZoneAlarm) - Download Free Firewall (ZoneAlarm)


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Japanimations Online Magazines





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Japanimation U.S. Distributors

Anime Expo



Pioneer Animations

Central Park Media

AnimExpo Webpage


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Joke Webpages

Humor break


Daily Chuckle



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Martial Arts

George Dillman - Pressure point Martial arts instructor



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Mavica Camera Websites


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Medical Websites to Visit



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MP3 Related Websites - File sharing software - Mp3 File Sharing softwares  - (napster-like)'s Gnutella page - (Napster clone) - (napster-like) - File Sharing program,  a P2P File Exchange Program - (napster-like) - has Morpheous,  a P2P File Exchange Program - Download RealJukebox to play MP3 musics on your Computer - Download WinAmp to play MP3 musics on your Computer

Guide to Buying an MP3 player's Nex page's mp3 page  - will be offering the Genica CD player for $99. - Maker of the first commercially available portable CD player that can also play MP3 music recorded on a CD-R CD. (cost is about $99) discman - another manufacturer of a CD player that can also play MP3 musics (cost is about $199.00) review -'s review of the Genica CD Player - Great Mp3 site's list of portable MP3 players


The next two links below are not MP3 sites but they have listing of music on the CD they sell. so i used them as a source of listing.



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News Webpages

ABCNewscom/kabc - Has Free Internet connections, Translation programs, Map finder, people finder

California Highway Patrol Traffic incidence Information Page

IT - All-News AM Radio Station - they tell the news nude! (it's pretty cool) ^_^



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Search Engines


Acronym - Buy Auto Insurance online

Internet 800 numbers search - Searchs for Company's toll free numbers

Internet Address Finder - Find people's Email on the net

Internet Movie Database

Internet Search Engines (Search through several search engines)

MapQuest - Find Driving Directions

MSN Rental Finder

Netscape NetCenter PC Shareware Search - Find a Person, E-mail, Business, Map direction,

The Bible - a reference for the religious ones among us


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Search (Job) Engines

California State Unemployment page

MSN Layoff Survival Kit

Employment Job Search engines  

IT Interview Tips and Articles

L.A. Times Classified Job Ads job search

[Visit Tahni]

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Shopping Comparison Websites to Visit - Compare Appliances prices - Compare prices on a product from different websites. - Compare prices on a product from different websites. - Compare prices on a product from different websites. - Public Opinion on Products



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Shopping (Online) Websites to Visit

1st Cheap Computer parts 

Alan Mendelson's - Best Deals in Town

Alternative Leather


Asian World of Martial Arts - Martial Arts Supplies - Products seen on Infomercials - Buy or lease a car - Find what you want by posting a bounty for it

BudK - Knives and other interesting stuff. - Cheap Airlines Tickets

Claimjumper Restaurant

GTE - Yellow Book online - Buy and Sell used Books, Music, Movies, Games - makers of water proof products

Internet Kitchen



Orchard Supply

Pacific Digital Corp - CDRW Drives - name your own price on Airlines Tickets, Hotels, etc...

Sharper - Shows sales at local stores - Smart Home Gadgets.

S and W Security Door Barlock

Terrapin Video Recorder - Martial Arts Supplies

Valley Martial - Kitchen appliances - Scooters for adults - Yellow Book online

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[Visit Kahli]


ATI Techonologies - Anti-Virus Software

DivX Instruction

DivX Bios Downloads

DTK Motherboard Drivers - File Sharing program Windows2000 Windows ME

Microsoft Windows update Search Download page - Download software that converts AVI files to VCD formats - Compurter Security concern 

Search Engine Add Ons



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TV Show Webpages

TV - TV Shows listing



Lurkers Guide to Babylon 5

Official Babylon5 website

Cartoon Network

Discovery Channel

Earth Final Conflict

Gaijin A Go-Go Cafe - Place where you can see famous U.S. Actors hawking products in other countries


Jack Of All Trades

Kids WB - Channel 5 (L.A. Area)



Rysher Entertainment


Tamlyn Tomita webpage

The Learning Channel


Official X-Files Website


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Web Radio Websites

Microsoft Radio Station Guide


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Webpage Administration site

The links below will enable anyone to create their own webpages 

FREE Websites - Most of the sites below offer Free Emails and other Free Services has 35mb transfer limit per day Free 100mb website Free 30mb website Free 100mb Website             Click Here to Login to your FortuneCity Account File Manager Search for Free Webhosting Unlimited but no FTP Support for free site account Free 11mb Website        Click Here to Login to Geocities to edit your Geocities webpages

MSN Free Webpages 100mb free/unlimited bandwidth Free 2mb Website Free Unlimited Website  Adult Material allowed Free initial 20mb Free_Web_Space search Free 150mb Webpage Free 50mb Website Free Webpage listing Free Unlimited Website (Now Free 50mb Website                Click Here to check the statistics of your Web1000 webpages


FREE Websites Enhancement tools Free Webtools for WebMasters - Free Java Applets - open a free account and receive faxes as email attachments.

Fly.To Free Website Re-Direction Service CometZone - Free Fun Cursors - Excellent place to get, modify or create a gif file - Free E-Mail Account Free Website Re-Direction Service - Checks your site for broken links


LinksToYou Registration Form

LinksToYou Instructions - Monitors a site for any changes - Register your dot com name for free (for a year at least) Re-Direction Service - Free Counter for your Webpage - Free Counter for your Webpage Login Screen - Free Guestbook for your Webpage - Have your business card printed free - Create your own Online Album


FREE Webpage Submission sites

Easy Submit

Free Site


SumitExpress Search Engine Submission Form

[Free DeskMates]

FREE Affiliate Programs Affiliate Login - Create your own webpage storefront

MySimon Affiliates




Anime Fanfiction Ring

Anime Fanwork Webring

Anime Ring of Cuteness

Anti-Akane Tendo Webring

CosPlayers Anonymous Webring

Defender of the True Fiancee      List of Sites

FFML Unofficial Fanfiction Webring

Furinkan Gold Webring

Ranma 1/2 Akane Webring

Ranma Romance Webring

Shooter's Webring

Starup Logo Webring

World of Anime Webring


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Links to my other Webpages


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