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Hi there, 

I created this page mainly for my own use, so i won't have to remember any of the urls I use or find useful, but if anybody else can find it useful, so much the better. this is the 2nd page which basically just compiles all the links in my other webpages.





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Links to my other Webpages


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(The following are links taken from my Anime Page and is current as of 10-06-2000, for a more current list, please visit my Anime page )

My Favorite Anime Series are:

- Agent Aika - 4 episodes, it has a LOT of Fan Service (panty shots ;P)

The Aika Homepage

- Fushigi Yuigi

- El Hazard - 26 TV episodes

- GoldenBoy - 12 episodes

- Gunsmith Cats

- Inu Yasha

- Irresponsible Captain Taylor - 26 Episodes

- Lum (Urusei Yatsura) - 76 TV Episodes released in US, 12 OAVs, 6 Movies

- Maison Ikkoku - 96 TV Episodes, 2 OAV, a Movie? (not sure if there was a movie made)

Maison Ikkoku Home page

- Neon Genesis Evangelion - 26 TV Episodes

The Toad-Stone Eva Anime

- Oh! My Goddess - 6 OAV Episodes

OMG fragments webpage

- Pokemon

Psychic Pokemon Connection

Team Rocket's Homepage

Team Rockets Glorious hole in the Wall

Team Rocket Base Omega

Jessie's 50 Most Evil Team Rocket Sites

Pokemon Animated GIF's

- Ranma 1/2 - 1?? TV Episodes, 12 OAV, 2 movies

Anti-Akane Page

Anti-Akane Tendo WebRing

Davis's Ranma Pages

Shampoo Resource Center

WeHateAkaneUnanimous Homepage

- Sailor Moon - 82 episodes release in US T.V. (so far)

- Tenchi Muyo - (OAV, Movies, Tenchi Universe TV series, Tenchi in Tokyo TV Series, Pretty Sammy, Magical Project S)

Jurai's Royal Court on Earth

- Urusei Yatsura - (195 TV. Episodes, 9 OAV, 6 movies)

Urusei Yatsura webpage

- You're Under Arrest! - 4 TV Episodes

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U.S. Distributors of Japanimations

- Anime Expo



- ADVison

- Pioneer Animations

- Central Park Media


Japanimations Online Magazines





Anime Links to sites that has Graphics:

- ***


- Anime Image Archives


- Jirodon Homepage 

- Nerima Ecchi Records Vault

- NightShift Midnight operations

- Page which contains links to Japanese CG Sites   

- Page which contains links to Japanese CD Sites

- Perpasia pictures Site

- Pokemon Picture Archive 

- Ranma 1/2 Hentai Gallery


- T.M.E. Homepage

- YomoyamaTaro's Treasure House 

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(The following are links taken from my Fanfic Page and is current as of 10-06-2000, for a more current list, please visit my Fanfics page )



Fanfic Archives

Anime Freeman's Guide

Andrew Huang's Fanfics

FFML's Author Encyclopedia and Fic Writing Reference Guide

Otakuk-kako Fanfic links

Ranma Monthly Fanfiction Awards

Ranma 1/2 Fanfic Superhighway

Rec.Art.Anime.Creative Fanfics Archive

TASS Ranma Fanfic Archive


Ranma 1/2

Jim Bader's Fanfics

DB Sommer's Fanfics

A Feather in the Wind Fanfic by Ataru-Kun

A Lesson in love Fanfics by Marissa Price

A Twist in the Tale Fanfics by Qminster

Alternate Destinys Fanfics

Andrew Eoff's Fanfics

Android 18's Ranma Fanfics

Anything Goes Ranma Fanfics by Kiwi Noriega

Asagiri's Kendai's Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction Sites

Ashfae's Ranma Fanfics

Azatlan's Favorite One-Shot Fanfics

Azatlan's Special Series Fanfics

Benares' Fanfics

Blood Blades' Fanfics

Carly-san's Fanfics

CBEAR's Fanfics

Chris Davies's Fanfics

Chris Jones' Fanfics

Chris Jones' Ranma Apartment Fanfic Series

Clarity Fanfics by Allison Barrett

David Tatum's Fanfics

Daigakusei No Ranma - This Series is set after Ranma abd Akane had graduated High School and went to University

DNyx Fanfics favorites

Dreamspinner's Fanfics

Disruptor's Fanfics - Mostly SI fics

Dreiser's Fanfics

Donny Cheng's Fanfics - WAFFY (Warm and Fuzzy Feeling) Fics

Dual Destiny Fanfics

Equal Romance by Laura Smith

Florencio's Fanfics

Frank Sanchez Ranma Fanfic Library

Furinkan Summer's Fanfic

Gary Kleppe's Fanfics

Getzeye Dragon's Fanfics

Heart of Ice Fanfics

Henry Cobb's Fanfics

Iczer230's Fanfics - 'Ai Shiteru' fanfic series

Jaelle and Orla's Ranma Fanfics

Jeffrey (OneShot) Wong's Fanfics

Jim Bader's Fanfics

Jim Lazar's Fanfics

John W. Bile's Ranma Fanfics

Joseph Palmer Fanfics

Jusenkyo Ranma 1/2 Fanfics

KaraOhki's Ranma 1/2 Fanfics

LeeKing Fanfics

Lord Archive's Fanfics

Magical Mysteries Tour Fanfics

Marissa Price's Fanfics

Philip Mak Ranma/Ukyo Fanfics

Ranma 2096 Fanfics by Chris Willmore

Remi's Favorite Fanfics

Richard Lawson's Fanfic

Ryan Anderson's Fanfics

Scriviner's Fanfic Vault

Shadow Chronicle Fanfic

Shampoo 1/2 Fanfic by D.B. Sommer

Shampoo Resource Center

SolidSnake's Fanfic Links *

Taming of the Horse by Vince Seifert

The Wildeman's Fanfics

Tiger Claw Fanfics by Madam Hydra

Tracy Garnett's fanfics

Twisted Destiny by Lara Bartram

Tom Wrensch's Ranma Fanfics

Ukyo Kounji's Fanfic Archive

Van Donovan's Ranma Fanfics

X-Ile's Fanfics


Neon Genesis Evangelion

Addition Godel Evangelion Fanfic Archive

AsukaNotebook's Fanfics

Austin Covello's Fanfics

Eva- R Fanfics

Garden of Eva by Jim Lazar

Jusenkyo Evangelion Fanfics

Magi Database Fanfics

Misato's Evangelion Fanfics

Neon Exodus Evengelion

Platypus3333's Eva Fanfics

Rakna's Eva Fanfics

Shunsuke's Fanfics

SuperDAT Evengelion Fanfics

The Toad-Stone Eva Fanfics


Tenchi Muyo

Jusenkyo Tenchi Muyo Fanfics

Ran-Chan's Fanfics


Oh! My Goddess

Jusenkyo Oh! My Goddess Fanfics

More Angel Fanfics


Urusei Yatsura - Lum

Urusei Yatsura Fanfics


CrossOver Fanfics

Anime Detective Fanfics

Battle Athletes/Ranma Fanfics

Church of CrossOver Couples Fanfics *

Jusenkyo CrossOver Fanfics *

Mirror Multiplied Fanfics *

Paradise Lost Fanfics *

Ranma/Dragonball Z fusion Fanfics

Quantum Destinies' home at Azatlan

Quantum Destinies' home at Blood Blades

Quantum Destinies' home at Cursed_One

Quantum Destinies' home at the anime Fanfiction


Pokemon Fanfics

KoalaKillers Fanfics


Lemon Fanfics

Sakura Lemon Fiction Archive

TASS Ranma Lemon Archive

RAAC Ranma Lemon Archive

RAAC Sailor Moon Lemon Archive

DEddy Lemon Fanfic Archive

DEddy Ranma Lemon Fanfic Archive


Inaba's Kimagure Orange Road Lemon Fanfics

Kanomi's Lemon Fanfics

Kunoichi's Fanfics

Megumi's Escort Service Lemon Fanfics

NERV Lemon Fanfics

Philip Mak Lemon Fanfics

Pokemon Fics

Lord Rteker Lemon Fics

Tziganes Lemon Fanfics

Urusei Yatsura - Prince and The Lecher Lemon Fanfic Series

Verigorm Lemon Fanfics


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Weapons Related Websites to Visit

(The following are links taken from my Weapons Links Page and is current as of 09-20-2001, for a more current list, please visit my Firearms page )

Baton Links

12th Precinct

Blue Mountain

Kelly's Oklahoma Police Supply

Law Enforcement Equiptment

Monadnock Webpage

R and D

Tanners Store


For More Information: Visit the Following WebSites:

James Eassoms  Webpage

Tactical Intervention.comctical

Nor-Cal Precision - Owned and Operated by Jerry Rice, a premier rifle builder specializing in highly accurate, durable, and precisely made Remington-based firearms

The Gun Manufacturers List



AMT (Galena Industry) Homepage

Armalite Co Website

AR-15 Website Maker of the Famous Tommy Gun


BushMaster Website

California Department of Justice Firearms division (Anonymized link)

Colt Manufacturing Co. Website Official Glock Website

Heckler and Koch Official Heckler and Koch website

Kahr Makers of a folding 9mm carbine that uses glock and other manufacturers magazines

Kimber Makers of the .45 pistol based on the 1911A1 model    

Magnum Makers of the Desert Eagle Pistols


Olympic Arms Website

Para Makers of Hi-Capacity version of the 1911A1 pistol


Ruger Manufacturing Website

Smith and


Winchester Guns Website

[Free - Heh! a fun site

Calico Parts and Accessories Ordering page

GlockMeister Website

Glockworks Website

The Gun

The Gun Armory Boards


Makarov Pistols Website

Remtek Weapon System Index - I got a lot of my pictures from here

Remtek HK Weapon System Index - I got a lot of my pictures from here

Review of the HK USP Pistols

Review of the BushMaster Dissipator Rifle

SecurityArms - I got a lot of my pictures from here

Unofficial AK47 Webpage

Unofficial CALICO Weapons Website

Unofficial Glock Website

Unofficial HK USP Website

Unofficial SKS Website

US SOCOM Handgun program

NRA State Gun Laws Summaries

Miltech Airsoft pistols and rifles

Miscelaneous Firearms Related Articles

The Anarchist Cookbook


Gun Shows Links


Mcmann Gun Show


Sword and Knives Links

Bugei Sword

George Emeriau Damascus Steel page Balisong Page



Salamander Armoury Blade Matrerials and Shape


SKM Switchblade Makers



[Visit Tahni]

Balisong Links

- Balisong Knife

- Balisong

- Balisong Video Archive - Movie Clips of Balisongs being flipped.

- Balisong

- BenchMade Knives - Makers of Fine Balisongs

- - Forum where Knives are discussed

- Club

- Cutlery Shoppe - Sells Knives

- Microtech Tachyon - Sells Knives

- New Graham Knives - Sells Knives

- Pioneer Valley Knives - Sells Knives

- Primer on Sharpening a Knife




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Links to my other Webpages


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